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Imagine the wave of relaxation that caresses your entire body and spirit as you slip into your own Jacuzzi® spa from Swim World. With a complete offering ranging from simple and elegant to the highest caliber of hyrdrotherapy solutions, Swim World takes pride in introducing you to Jacuzzi, a symbol of the American dream. Instantly recognizable and known the world over, Jacuzzi is the original name in spas.


Jacuzzi has popularized the ancient practice of water massage therapy for a new age. For thousands of years, people have been drawn to water that naturally springs from the earth. Relaxing heat, muscle stimulation, and lighter-than-air buoyancy relieve physical burdens and brighten the spirits. Researchers have observed the healing effects of hydrotherapy: improved circulation, decreased joint pain, and acceleration of the body's natural healing processes. No scientific research is needed for these benefits: the instinctive comfort of settling into jet-driven water; the way stress seems to release itself into the steam, and the spring in your step after a hydrotherapeutic session in a Jacuzzi spa from Swim World.

Reflexology Aromatherapy Chromatherapy

Why Hydrotherapy Works

Water under pressure from jets can alleviate the muscle tightness produced by stress and anxiety through the application of direct massage and heat. From a targeted stream for deep-tissue massage to relaxing micro-bubbles, Jacuzzi jets give you a variety of hydrotherapeutic massage types.

How Hydrotherapy Works

Water is used in physiotherapy to speed recovery from injuries, relieve muscle soreness by facilitating the removal of lactic acid, open the blood vessels to improve circulation, help the muscles around arthritic joints relax, and promote the flow of endorphins.


    Reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body.

    Hot tub therapy jets directed to pressure points in the feet can increase circulation and promote specific joint and muscular functions.


    Aromatherapy is defined as the use of evaporating plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. Specific scents can have beneficial effects on your mind and body.


    Chromatherapy uses various colors of light to help calm or rejuvenate your spirit. Your body reacts to specific colors in positive ways, helping ease the pains and pressures of everyday life. Why not make chromatherapy part of your hot tub therapy experience?

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Purchasing a spa from Swim World will be an enjoyable experience; especially once you're able to sit back and relaxy in your new Jacuzzi®. Contact Swim World today to get started planning your family oasis.

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